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Explore South Australia’s beautiful Coorong and wetlands on small boat tours. We have incredible tour options to suit any adventurer looking to explore the Coorong and Murray! These tours are ideal for bird watchers, photographers and adventurers.

Coorong Cruise Tour

Take A Walk on the Wildside

Coorong Wildside Tours takes you through the gorgeous Coorong in a unique way. Glen and Tracy offer small boat tours of the Coorong that are intimate and offer a more custom experience where you can truly immerse yourself in the Coorong National Park, RAMSAR listed wetlands and incredible South Australian sandhills.

Their incredible knowledge of the area, wildlife and Coorong makes for a facinating tour where you’ll see seals lazing on barrages, emus strolling the sandhills, pelicans gliding the waterfront and more.

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South Australian Seafood Tour

Award winning Coorong Wild Seafood hosts Glen and Tracy Hill give you a behind the scenes insight into how our regional delicacy is caught and processed.  Includes a tour of the processing factory, a filleting demonstration as well as tempting you with tastings of their products.  Learn about the history of their business, the local fishing industry and learn some cooking tips.

Coorong Meningie Accommodation

Coorong Wildside Tours will soon be offering Coorong Holiday Accommodation as part of our Coorong Tour Package!

For local options call Tracy on 0427 604 047

Now you can explore the wonderful world of the Coorong National Park and Murray Mouth and stay the night in a beautiful Coorong Holiday Accommodation. Spend the day touring the sandhills, South Australia’s wildlife and interesting world of the SA Seafood industry; and rest up in a gorgeous beachside house in the afternoon.

Seafood Experience in South Australia

Coorong Wildside Tours’ Behind The Scenes Factory Tour and Tastings will take you through the Award winning Coorong Wild Seafood and give you behind the scenes into how our regional delicacy is caught and processed. This includes a tour of the processing factory, a filleting demonstration as well as tempting you with tastings of their products.  Learn about the history of their business, the local fishing industry and learn some cooking tips.

Things to do in Meningie

Meningie is situated on Lake Albert and known as the “gateway to Coorong Country”. This town as beautiful parks and the lake access allows for a wide range of water sports and activities. Meningie has great bird watching opportunities and is a place to relax and reconnect with nature. Meningie Pink Lake is also quite famous, being apart of the few pink lakes of South Australia. Coorong Wildside Tours is located in Meningie and offers great opportunities to explore the Coorong and Lakes of the area!

Things to do in the Coorong

We might be biased but the best thing to do in the Coorong is take the Coorong Wildside Tour! These adventure-packed tour takes you through the Coorong National Park to see the wildlife, sandhills and seafood of this beautiful region. The Coorong is ideal for bird-watching with more than 230 bird species ranging from shorebirds, spoonbills, pelicans and many more. Another must do when exploring the Coorong is to take a walk on a sandhill. The Coorong is even home to some of the tallest sandhills in Australia!

10 things about the Coorong

The Coorong is the longest beach in Australia! It is a haven for emus and on our tours we often see emus walking along the sandy beaches of the National Park. The 1976 movie ‘Storm Boy’ was filmed in the Coorong and the 2019 remake was also filmed here! The two rivers that flow into the Coorong is the Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert. The Coorong National Park was opened on 7 November 1999! The Coorong is home to the Heath Goanna, also known as a Rosenberg Goanna. The Coorong is home to some of Australia’s tallest sandhills and is famous for many lighthouses. The Coorong is an ideal place to spot Royal Spoonbills and Australian Pelicans.

Coorong Storm Boy

Storm Boy is a much-loved book written by Colin Thiele and was made into a movie in 1976. The star of the movie (in addition to the actors) was undoubtedly the stunning backdrop of the Coorong National Park. In 2019 a remake of the movie was made and filmed in the same stunning region and Glen and Tracy from Coorong Wildside Tours played a small part of that!

We supplied fish for the several scenes in the new movie

  • Our mullet was used as a model for the fish storm Boy dives down to get and brings up in his teeth (that was a rubber fish)
  • The blending of fish to feed the baby pelicans with the outboard motor
  • Jai Courteney playing Storm Boy’s dad taking his catch to town for sale
  • Glen also took the drone filming crew out to the Pelican Island to film baby pelicans,
  • Glen also taught the props master how to set and retrieve a net so it looked authentic

Coorong National Park

The Coorong National Park is famous for it’s stunning coastal lagoon ecosystem, incredible coastal dunes and abundance of wildlife. With 278 species of plants, incredible bird watching and beautiful views at every angle, makes this South Australian National Park such an incredible place to visit. This National Park has Australia’s longest beach! The 194km long beach runs from the Murray Mouth to Cape Jaffa and makes for a gorgeous landscape where wildlife and nature can thrive.

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